Brooklyn Brewery Local 2

IMG_0235As with the Local 1, I have faint yet fond memories of the first time I tried Brooklyn’s Big Bottles. Since it’d been years, it was like trying them for the first time. Although I personally am drawn to styles like Local 1, I rather enjoyed this Belgian-inspired Dark Abbey Ale. This brew boasts European malt and hops, Belgian dark sugar, and raw wildflower honey from a New York family farm.

I had a tall Pils glass to enjoy the medium brown color, but expected it to be a bit hazier like the previous. I love the bottle conditioned beers and the depth it gives to each style. I was surprised to find this particular bottle with less carbonation than I witnessed in the Local 1, however a sufficient amount gave it a frothy off-white head.

The aromatics were bursting with the said honey and dark sugars, highlighting some caramel and dark fruit notes. There was a faint yeast smell that rose through the raisin, plum and syrup, but only enough to remind you of its origin. The aromas held through to the taste, where a bit more of the rum-raisin showed through. Caramel balanced the heat with the sweet, and the slightest orange/banana notes came through the breadiness to honor its roots. Surprisingly dry in the finish considering how much sweetness is in the body. I tried and tried to search for the chocolate notes, but couldn’t seem to get it in the aroma or taste. I assumed it to be much more forward with the English chocolate malts, but I wasn’t getting much past the caramel/honey/dark fruits. Perhaps on the next round.

My favorite part about the Brooklyn series is that Garret Oliver even suggests what to pair it with! Although I don’t feel like cooking tonight, it’s a good excuse for me to put it back on my grocery list. Another win for me, be sure to get your hands on one!


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