Seven Mile Sunset

Seven Mile Sunset

There are many perks to living in the Florida Keys and working at the base of the historic Seven Mile Bridge, but the sunsets top them all. I’ve probably seen over 300 sunsets in the last year and you never see the same one twice.

Growing up on Lake Michigan, I was spoiled by beautiful sunsets over the water, but there’s something even more incredible about the view from the Keys. I only assume it is due to the hot, humid weather that creates awesome cloud formations that showcase breathtaking colors that I don’t even think one could paint. And to think, we expected a boring sunset due to the grey skies and covered horizon. Often, you can walk on the bridge and watch the gigantic neon orb dipping into the water and almost see it move as you imagine the sizzle of the water. I’m unsure of the perfect conditions necessary for the legendary Green Flash, but I have yet to see it. Many I’ve met claim to have seen it, even multiple times. I guess you have to live here longer. My chances are great considering the view from the restaurant I work at.

Although the Corona in my hand at the time was for delivery rather than my own enjoyment, I highly recommend grabbing a brew and taking in as many of these irreplaceable moments as possible; for these are the moments that inspire me to chase sunsets around the globe, and share photos and thoughts with those of you who share a passion for life.



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